Allergy Testing

For the diagnostics of your allergy we use the most modern procedures in our ENT Clinic Wiesbaden. With computer-controlled diagnosis systems the effect of allergens on the skin, the respiratory tract and the stomach alimentary tract can be quantified. Comprehensive lab analyses complement the investigations and permit the exact definition of the individual therapy for the patien

  • Pricktest
  • Intracutan-Test
  • Scratch-Test
  • Grater-Test
  • In Vitro-lab diagnostics: Whole IgE, specific IgE
  • Nasal provocation tests


Therapy possibilities

  • Consultation for allergen reduction
  • Individual medical therapy
  • SIT (Specific immune therapy / "hypo sensitization")

If foreign materials (allergens) reach in to the body, this reacts with the preventive measures which can be recognized by typical marks (e.g., swolleness, redness, heating of the skin or mucous membrane, cold). The immunological system fights against harmless foreign substances. This is the basis of an allergy. Here the immunological system overreacts - against flower pollen, house dust mites, mould, food, insect poison or animal hair. After contact with the allergy-releasing material it causes discomfort. If it is not possible to exile this material from the life sphere, the discomfort will appear with every new contact, and it can lead to increase and expansion. Often illnesses appear, in addition, like atopic eczema (Neurodermatitis), chronic eczema, nettle rash, breathlessness, diarrhea or circulatory collapse.

Allergy patients suffers from a disturbed immunological reaction which is the real cause of the illness. This is also responsible for the chronic inflammation of the skin or mucous membrane and destruction of lung fabric as a late consequence.

Unfortunately, allergy patients are often treated insufficiently. A numerous amount of medication is given which can only help a little or have several side effects. A treatment with drugs is possible. They mostly remove the symptoms short-term and undesirable side effects can appear. The hypo sensitization (so-called allergy vaccination) though, is an immune-biological treatment with persistent effect.

The purpose of an allergy therapy must be rather the activation of the immune system to switch off the allergic reactions in the long term, than treatment of the symptoms.