ENT Team


Dr. Maud-Bettina Hilka

Specialist's education and scientific assistant at the ENT clinic of the medical college (University) of Hannover with the specialisation of Noses and sinus illnesses. Since 1993 in Wiesbaden. Mrs. Dr. Hilka is a specialist for Allergology. With national scientific treatises and lectures of treatment she is involved actively in the optimization of allergy science.

Prof. Dr. Ludger Klimek

Study and specialist's education in the University of Technology of Aachen. Assistant medical director activity and habilitation postdoctoral qualification at the ENT UNIVERSITY clinic Mainz. Established in Wiesbaden since 1999. Chair at the University of Heidelberg for Clinical Immunology and Allergiology. Mr. Prof. Dr. Klimek is a specialist for Allergiology and Clinical Immunology. With scientific lectures and own congresses at home and abroad, he belongs to the leaders in the modern Allergiology and Clinical Immunology worldwide.

FA Marc Christian Cichy


FA Solange Schneider-Gêne

Fachärztin für HNO-Heilkunde

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