ENT Philosophy

„The medicine of the human being is the human being“ (Proverb from Nigeria)
It is our ambition to make your visit in our ENT Clinic Wiesbaden as pleasant as possible. The best basis for a therapy is the positive attitude of our team towards the patients. Only the cooperation of competent medical care and patient's trust, in a friendly atmosphere guarantees the optimum conditions for recovery.

This comprehensive point of view, the highest level of medical knowledge as well as the application of high technology gives you the luxury of diagnostic and therapeutic security.

Innovative investigation and treatment technologies, together with long-time professional experience, lay the foundation of our medical activity. Through constant advanced training and through contribution at national and international congresses we want to offer you the service of the best treatment available. The individual is the focus of our interest, which is why we draw a personal therapy plan for each single patient, also including naturopathy treatment. Due to cooperation with the Center for Rhinology and Allergiology in Wiesbaden as well as the universities of Heidelberg / Mannheim and the University of Cologne the most modern diagnosis procedures are available.

Three specialists with long time experience at reputable clinics, and a well-functioning team are at your side..

Personal care in the team
Diagnosis, therapy and aftercare is taken care of by the doctors under entire knowledge of all the findings and the patient's history, as well as the helpful dialogue between competent colleagues. Individual care means complete care.

High Tech
Our diagnostic and therapeutic methods correspond to the recent international state of science and technology. This high level competence, is normally to be found only in university hospitals.